Are Dental Implants Right for You?
By Moorestown Smile Center
October 02, 2018
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Each tooth in your mouth is important. They are all responsible for biting, chewing, speaking, and maintaining an attractive personal dental implantsappearance. Due to this importance, a quality dental response is a necessity if tooth loss occurs, and state-of-the-art dental implants are the best option available today. You can find out more about implants by reading below, and if you are in need of an implant, your Moorestown, NJ, dentist, Dr. Aliya Khan, will be happy to assist you at the Moorestown Smile Center.

What Happens When You Lose a Tooth

Loss of even one tooth creates an unattractive and dysfunctional smile gap. Speech slurs, eating suffers, and bone and gum tissue recede. Even adjoining teeth weaken as they move to fill the empty spaces left by tooth extraction.

Of course, tooth replacement can help, but conventional bridges and dentures do nothing for bone loss and gum deterioration. Also, bridges and partial dentures wear down the teeth which help support them, and conventional dentures present problems of slippage and premature facial aging.

A Better Choice

Composed of a titanium metal screw or cylinder, a metal alloy extension post, and porcelain crown, a dental implant from your Moorestown, NJ, dentist completely replaces a missing tooth. Inserted into an empty tooth socket, the titanium implant device bonds with the jaw bone through osseointegration, bone-building process that strengthens the jaw while avoiding the bone resorption that happens with tooth loss.

Dr. Kahn uses oral examination and three-dimensional imaging to help determine if an implant is appropriate for a particular patient. Sufficient bone density and good overall health are critical to implant success.

The Procedure

Dental implants may restore single teeth, multiple teeth, or even a complete arch. Whatever your unique needs are, Dr. Kahn will tailor your care plan to achieve great oral function and pleasing smile aesthetics.

To place a single implant, the dentist numbs the area, drills a pilot hole into the bone, and securely inserts the device. They then suture the gums closed and the healing begins.

Osseointegration is a gradual process; expect to wait a few months before Dr. Khan finishes your new tooth with its extension post and crown. Upon completion, however, your implant will improve the durability and size of the underlying bone. The result is an artificial tooth that looks and acts just like a natural tooth and should last for decades with good oral hygiene at home and regular in-office care with Dr. Khan.

Other Details

You'll do well with your implant if you stop smoking. Tobacco usage often leads to an awful infection called peri-implantitis and to subsequent implant failure and removal. Teeth grinding, or bruxism, and poorly controlled diabetes both compromise implant success as well says the Canadian Dental Association. Your dentist will consider all these factors when planning your tooth replacement procedures.

Find Out More

At Moorestown Dental Center, Dr. Khan and her staff help many patients achieve beautiful smiles through dental implants. If you're considering tooth replacements, why not give the office a call? Through a one-on-one consultation with your dentist, you can learn all your options. Phone (858) 638-5266.