Close the Gaps In Your Smile
By Moorestown Smile Center
June 19, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: dental implants  

Dentures or bridges are fine for some patients, but when you want a tooth replacement option that will last, dental implants are the ideal dental implantschoice. Dental implants should be considered very soon after losing a tooth because you’re more likely to have enough leftover bone tissue to hold one. Learn more about getting a dental implant by calling Moorestown Smile Center, LLC in Moorestown, NJ.

Why You Should Close the Gaps
Over 120 million Americans have one missing tooth, and 23 million seniors have no teeth remaining according to the American College of Prosthodontists. Tooth loss is progressive—some patients begin to normalize it after the loss of one tooth, and then accept the loss of additional teeth over time. Close the gaps you have now before the problem gets worse and your dental health fails. There’s more at risk than just unattractive gaps in the smile—tooth loss can change the entire structure of the bottom half of your face. It also affects your ability to eat and talk.

Dental Implants: The Best Solution
Once you resolve to close the gaps between your teeth, ask your Moorestown dentist about dental implants. They are dental devices that your dentist surgically implants into your jaw bone. A biological process called osseointegration allows the bone to fuse with the device the same way your natural teeth are rooted. It serves as the base for a dental crown. When you take better care of your tooth and gum health, the implant could continue to support your smile indefinitely. 

A Stronger and More Attractive Smile
Don’t ignore the gaps in your smile, because they can create additional dental problems that could be costly and complicated. With a permanent dental implant in place, your smile will be more secure, complete, and functional. Because you’ll have a new custom-crafted crown restoration, your smile will also look more attractive.

Complete Your Smile
Does your smile have gaps that you want to close? If so, dental implants are the best solution. Call (856) 638-5266 today to consult a dentist at Moorestown Smile Center, LLC in Moorestown, NJ. Dr. Aliya Khan is a skilled oral surgeon who is committed to providing “exceptional service with a smile.”