How Can Dental Implants Help My Smile?
By Moorestown Smile Center
October 27, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Dealing with tooth loss? Read on to find out how getting implants might implants

Are you missing one or more permanent teeth? If so, then you could be a great candidate for dental implants, a revolutionary way to replace missing teeth for the long term. Our Moorestown, NJ, general dentist Dr. Aliya Khan is here to tell you more about dental implants and how they could benefit you.

Dental implants are a permanent solution for treating your tooth loss. In fact, they are actually the next best thing to real teeth. While dentures and dental bridges aren’t designed to last your whole life, implants potentially could.

These small metal posts or screws are surgically placed into the jawbone where, over time, the bone will heal around the implant making it a permanent structure within the jawbone. This fusion ensures that the implant won’t go anywhere and it certainly won’t move or shift around like full dentures often can.

Implants offer an amazing array of benefits:

They preserve the health of your jawbone

Tooth loss also leads to jawbone loss. By placing the implant into the jawbone it takes over the role of your missing tooth’s roots and also offers stimulation that the jawbone needs to remain healthy. The sooner you get implants from our Moorestown, NJ, dentist the less bone loss you’ll experience.

Keep your face looking youthful

If you don’t treat your tooth loss the jawbone will deteriorate. Since the jawbone’s density and shape is being affected, this will also impact the shape of your face. Without ample bone to support your face and its muscles, the skin will begin to sag and wrinkle prematurely. Prevent this issue altogether by getting dental implants.

Enjoy a durable, long-term tooth replacement

With the proper care, your new tooth could last you the rest of your life. Only implants naturally meld together with your bone and tissue, meaning that you won’t find another tooth replacement that’s as realistic and resilient as implants.

Boost your appearance and confidence

We know that having gaps in your smile is not just embarrassing but truly affects your appearance. A damaged smile can easily make you feel self-conscious about the way you look. You may find yourself smiling less or feeling less social. By choosing to replace your missing teeth with a reliable, long-term restoration you will not only gain your beautiful smile back but you’ll also enjoy a serious boost to your self-esteem.

Don’t lose the battle against tooth loss. Your smile can be transformed thanks to a little help from our dental implants. Call Dr. Aliya Khan at Moorestown Smile Center in Moorestown, NJ today.