Discover The Benefits Of Invisalign

Have you considered getting braces? If you have, ask Dr. Aliya Khan of Moorestown Smile Center about Invisalign clear aligners. Many of her Moorestown, NJ, patients--teens and adults alike--have enjoyed the benefits of this inventive orthodontic system. Today, they have the straight, healthy smiles they always wanted without wearing metal braces.

Is it true?

Yes, a customized sequence of thin, clear Invisalign aligners really can change your smile and your life. The first step is a consultation at Moorestown Smile Center. Dr. Khan will look at your teeth and gums, jaw structure and other factors. She'll use a special Invisalign scan as well. With these factors, she can comprise a treatment plan and actually show you what your aligner pairs will accomplish as you move through your treatment plan.

Your Invisalign treatment plan

If you go ahead with Invisalign, expect to wear 18 to 22 pairs of removable aligners for about two weeks each. Keep them in 20 to 22 hours a day, taking them out for meals, brushing, flossing and any special event, such as a job interview or wedding reception. Most care plans take only six to 18 months, treating many of the bite and smile alignment problems previously reserved for metal or ceramic braces.

Along the way, you will check-in with Dr. Khan every month. She'll assess your progress and deliver your next pairs of aligners. When you complete your care plan, you'll wear the last aligner pair (typically at night) as retainers to keep your beautiful smile well-aligned.

Additional benefits of Invisalign

1. Your aligners are smooth and totally non-irritating.

2. Cleaning your aligners is easy. Just remove, brush, rinse and replace.

3. Eat your usual healthy diet with no restrictions.

4. For teens, aligners may be equipped with compliance tabs to ensure treatment stays on track and also eruption tabs to hold space for adult teeth which are still on their way.

5. Invisalign's Smart Track acrylic is patented and of the highest quality. Your aligners will be clear and totally dependable. Each pair accomplishes the task it was designed specifically to do.

Learn more

At Moorestown Smile Center in Moorestown, NJ, Invisalign clear aligners are one of our most popular services. Discreet, comfortable and effective, this orthodontic system gives so many individuals the healthy, straight smiles they desire and deserve. Why not contact Dr. Aliya Khan for your personalized consultation? Phone us at (856) 638-5266.

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