What To Expect During Your Teeth Whitening Treatment

Have you been thinking about having your teeth whitened, but you aren’t quite sure what you should expect during a teeth whitening session in Moorestown, NJ? Dr. Aliya Khan at Moorestown Smile Center wants to share with you what you can expect during an in-office teeth whitening treatment session.

The Consultation

The first step in your teeth whitening treatment is meeting with the dentist. Since chemicals will be applied to the teeth, there are certain conditions that could potentially prevent you from undergoing treatment. Some of these conditions include severe cavities, extremely worn enamel, exposed tooth roots, and gum disease.

The Preparation

The gums must be protected during a teeth whitening session in Moorestown, NJ, and this is done with a mouth guard or cheek retractors. Although not attractive to wear, it gets the job done.

The Application

When you find teeth whitening products over-the-counter to use at home, they tend to have a five to 14% hydrogen peroxide content. The whitening product that is applied to the teeth in the office is much stronger.

Depending on the exact product that your dentist uses, it is likely to be anywhere from 15 to 43 percent hydrogen peroxide. This allows the results to occur much faster.

Once the gel is applied to the teeth, the timer will start. This is usually for 20 minutes to an hour.

The Lasers

Some dentists choose to speed up the whitening process with lasers, which act as an accelerant, while other dentists simply apply the bleaching agent and let it do its job. If lasers are used, you will need to wear a pair of protective glasses while the lasers are on the teeth.

Schedule Your Teeth Whitening Session Today

If you are ready to improve the appearance of your smile and have whiter teeth, call (856) 638-5266 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Khan at Moorestown Smile Center in Moorestown, NJ, for a teeth whitening session.

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