• The Benefits of Dentures
    Dr. Aliya Khan provides her patients with the dental care they need. If you've lost an entire arch of teeth and/or need to have severely decayed teeth removed, then maybe Read more
  • Root Canal Therapy Wipes Out Decay
    When you have severe tooth decay, you might be tempted to just yank the tooth out yourself! Of course, that would be a painful and huge mistake. Extracting a tooth Read more
  • Do you Need Crowns?
    How dental crowns from your dentist in Moorestown, New Jersey can rebuild your smile Do you need dental crowns? If you want to rebuild damaged, badly decayed teeth with the strongest Read more
  • The Importance of Preventive Care
    Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is surprisingly easy thanks to preventive dental care. We can all agree that the last thing we want to deal with is a dental problem Read more
  • Are Dental Implants Right for You?
    Each tooth in your mouth is important. They are all responsible for biting, chewing, speaking, and maintaining an attractive personal appearance. Due to this importance, a quality dental response is Read more
  • Straighten Your Smile Discreetly
    If you are interested in straightening your smile, but would rather live with your smile than wear traditional metal brackets and wires, you can benefit from Invisalign. This revolutionary orthodontic Read more
  • Close the Gaps In Your Smile
    Dentures or bridges are fine for some patients, but when you want a tooth replacement option that will last, dental implants are the ideal choice. Dental implants should be considered Read more
  • How Can Dental Implants Help My Smile?
    Dealing with tooth loss? Read on to find out how getting implants might help. Are you missing one or more permanent teeth? If so, then you could be a great candidate Read more
  • Say Goodbye to Your Dental Stains
    Do your dental stains or yellowed teeth make you feel as though your smile is lacking? Do you wish you could snap your fingers and renew the appearance of your Read more
  • The Benefits Of Dental Implants
    How dental implants from your Moorestown dentist can enhance your smile You probably know someone with dental implants, but you probably can’t tell who it is. That’s because dental implants look just Read more
  • Do You Want Straighter Teeth?
    Find out how you can achieve the perfect smile without wearing metal braces. You’ve already decided that the gap between your two front teeth has to go. You also don’t like Read more
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